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Re: A P: printing without faces

From: Jochen Küpper
Subject: Re: A P: printing without faces
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:39:30 -0000
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On Mon, 07 Jun 2004 09:58:22 +0200 Xavier Maillard wrote:

zeDek> Hello,

zeDek> can't  figure  out how  to  prevent  articles  being printed  using  the
zeDek> colored faces. 

,----[ C-h v ps-print-color-p RET ]
| ps-print-color-p's value is t
| Documentation:
| *Specify how buffer's text color is printed.
| Valid values are:
|    nil                Do not print colors.
|    t          Print colors.
|    black-white        Print colors on black/white printer.
|               See also `ps-black-white-faces'.
| Any other value is treated as t.
| You can customize this variable.
| Defined in `/usr/share/emacs/21.2/lisp/ps-print.el'.

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