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Re: How to use 8-bit charsets on newsgroups?

From: Gernot Hassenpflug
Subject: Re: How to use 8-bit charsets on newsgroups?
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:39:18 -0000
User-agent: T-gnus/6.15.13 (based on Oort Gnus v0.13)

>>>>> "Jesper" == Jesper Harder <address@hidden> writes:

    Jesper> Gernot Hassenpflug <address@hidden> writes:
    >> I am using Emacs 21.3 (MULE) under Solaris 2.8 on a Sun/SPARC
    >> Sunblade 150, and posting using T-Gnus 6.15.13 r00. I can't get
    >> Japanese to display correctly in my posts,

    Jesper> I don't think many people in this group use T-Gnus.
    Jesper> Chances of someone knowing the answer are a lot higher if
    Jesper> you use the ordinary Gnus -- especially for charset
    Jesper> related stuff where T-Gnus is significantly different.

    Oh.... oh address@hidden Now I find this out. Hmm, perhaps a good first
    step then is to launch the proper gnus instead then. Are the
    manuals different too? I didn't see any reference to T-Gnus in the
    info file, so I assumed gnus was gnus. 

    I'll get back after sorting out Gnus version then....
G Hassenpflug RASC, Kyoto University

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