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Re: db or similar store, anyone?

From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: Re: db or similar store, anyone?
Date: 28 Jun 2004 20:37:02 -0700
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Christopher> Surely once you talk about implementing an NNTP-like
Christopher> protocol for communicating with a storage backend in a
Christopher> separate process, you have just reinvented IMAP?  I use
Christopher> nnimap talking to localhost as my mail backend, since it
Christopher> means I can use whatever MUA I need to at the time.

Yes, that has occurred to me, too.  But IMAP has a lot of other baggage,
like keeping track of attachments server-side, that is tedious to
implement and not needed for this purpose.

Another objection is that there is no way to _inject_ an article in
IMAP, because it's wired for mail; one has to do some side trick in the
mail transport to make posted articles appear in the IMAP store.  Or am
I wrong?

Christopher> If the end goal is a fast database store, investigate
Christopher> DB-backed IMAP servers.  (But Please, Eris, Not ZF
Christopher> Rkpunatr).

What and where are these?  All I know about is dbmail, and the SQL
databases it connects to are definitely overkill.

Wow, now the thread really got going ;)

"It's not true or not."  A reality show producer (real quote)

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