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gnus-summary-pipe-output and headers

From: Peter Simons
Subject: gnus-summary-pipe-output and headers
Date: 26 Jun 2004 12:16:42 +0200


is there any way to make 'gnus-summary-pipe-output' (a.k.a.
'O p' in the *Summary* buffer) include _all_ headers into
the message, regardless of which headers I was seeing in the
*Article* buffer when I issued to command?

I tried setting

 '(gnus-save-all-headers t)

..., but that didn't change 'gnus-summary-pipe-output'
behavior at all. So I set

 '(gnus-show-all-headers t)

..., which does the trick, but has the side-effect that I,
well, see all headers all the time -- which is not what I
originally wanted either.

Any ideas anyone? 


P. S.: I need to forward messages into my spam filter to
train it after it has made an error, but it has to see all
headers, not just the ones which are usually visible. And
just hitting 't' before piping the message is bound to be
forgotten half of the time.

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