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Re: Problem with Gnus & Leafnode

From: Ichimusai
Subject: Re: Problem with Gnus & Leafnode
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 01:57:33 +0200
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Paul Johnson <address@hidden> writes:

> Ichimusai <address@hidden> writes:
>> But when I try to select a group it says "Can't select group" and i
>> never see that dummy message that leafnode is supposed to create.
> It sounds like you're not using NNTP to connect to your leafnode,
> possibly trying to read the spool directly.  Are you trying to read from
> the spool or are you connecting using NNTP?

I use NNTP, just as I did when I connected through an SSH tunnel to my
news provider.

I set it by changing the following custom-set-variables:

   '(nntp "localhost" (nntp-port-number 119)))
 '(nntp-address "localhost")
 '(gnus-local-domain "")
 '(gnus-large-newsgroup 5000)

It was the most obvious way of doing it, am I doning somthing wrong?

Then I reset my .newsrc, ran fetchnews and fired up Gnus.

The only real problem I have is the initial select on the group. After
that, it works beautifully.

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