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Re: two mail accounts

From: Cor Gest
Subject: Re: two mail accounts
Date: 29 Jun 2004 12:32:24 +0000
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.3

Someone referred to as: Keith O'Connell <address@hidden>
 has comitted the herein quoted text :

> Hi,
>         I have recently returned to using gnus after using other mail
>         clients. Since I have been away, my needs have slightly
>         changed. I now need to send mail from two separate accounts
>         and not just the one I used before.
>         I cannot seem to find out if this is easy to do in gnus or
>         not. At the moment I am calling up a fresh blank message and
>         then editing
>                 >   From:
>                 >   Organization:
>                 >   X-Attribution:
>                 >   X-Home-Page: 

You could use this example:
I also read my mail with nnml in gnus so, its relatively a
straightforward operation. 

--*--start code snippet--*--
;(setq gnus-posting-styles
;            (".*"             
;             (From "Cor Gest <address@hidden>")
;                         (Organization "Clsnet Linux Systems")
;             (X-Microsoft-Free-Domain "YES")
;             (X-WWW-site "";)    
;                         (signature-file "~/.signature"))               
;            ("nnml.eupatents"
;                         (Name "Cor Gest")
;                         (From "Cor Gest <address@hidden>")
;                         (Organization "The Freeworld Network")
;                         (X-WWW-site "";)
;                         (signature-file "~/.sig-eupatents"))
;                        ("nnml.brcie"
;                         (Name "Cor Gest") 
;                         (Reply-to "address@hidden")
;                         (Organization "NL Linux Gebruikers Groep")
;                         (X-WWW-site "";)
;                         (signature-file "~/.sig-brcie"))))
--*--end code snippet--*-- 


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to secure a free and independent Internet-community, the right of the
people to keep, to develop, and, to implement Free Software Systems and
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