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Re: how to change From:

From: yonderstar
Subject: Re: how to change From:
Date: 21 Jun 2004 07:01:22 -0700
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Glyn Millington <address@hidden> writes:

> yonderstar <address@hidden> writes:
> >> Take a look at the FAQ, questions 5.3  and 5.4
> >> 
> >> Glyn
> >
> > thanks
> > but ..where is FAQ ?
> OK - Do C-h i   (Control and h at the same time, then i)  that will fire
> up the Info reader.
> Scroll down till you find Gnus
> With point on Gnus, hit return
> Find Appendices, with point on appendices hit return.
> The FAQ should be there!
> OR
> Downloadable and on-line versions can be found at
> good luck
> Glyn

:) thanks for the cookbook answer really
when i start learning to use linux
i become a chimpensee hehe
anyway i've found out that in a summary buffer
place a cursor to a group
and then do 'H f'
the FAQ will be downloaded to my system automatically

i should've have taken a closer look at my drop-down menu:p

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