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Re: db or similar store, anyone?

From: Christopher Biggs
Subject: Re: db or similar store, anyone?
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 20:04:06 +1000
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Ian Zimmerman <address@hidden> moved upon the face of the 'Net and spake thusly:

> Hmm OK you're right.  I was misled by the following sentence at the start of
> RFC 1730:
>    IMAP4 does not specify a means of posting mail; this function is
>    handled by a mail transfer protocol such as [SMTP].

It hinges on  your interpretation of 'posting', the sense intended
here is to send an outgoing e-mail message, not to add an entry to a
collection of messages.

> Christopher> If the end goal is a fast database store, investigate
> Christopher> DB-backed IMAP servers.  (But Please, Eris, Not ZF
> Christopher> Rkpunatr).
> LOL.  And what's Eris?

Who, not what.  That was a facetious appeal to the Greek Goddess of
Discord, patron goddess of Programmers.


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