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Re: connect to MS Exchange ldap

From: Serge Olkhowik
Subject: Re: connect to MS Exchange ldap
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 09:41:40 +0300
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On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 14:46:06 -0400
 Josh Huber (Josh) wrote:

 >> * when query form is used I have to fill any search field exactly, i.e. not
 >> "solo" for e-mail, but "address@hidden"
 >> is it possible to exec partial match query?

 Josh> I wonder if the LDAP schema is different for your exchange setup?

 Josh> I can show my entry in our ldap directory with something like this:

 Josh> ldapsearch -x -D "address@hidden" -b "dc=company,dc=com" -W \
 Josh>   -h "cn=Josh Huber"

Aha! I found the solution - it is enough to specify asterisk ('*') 
for search value, i.e. if I run:

ldapsearch -x -D "address@hidden" -b "dc=isd,dc=dp,dc=ua" -W -h server 

I get a lot of Serge's ;)

And eudc-query-form with asterisk works too! That's great!

 Josh> I have this in my custom configuration:

 Josh> '(eudc-inline-query-format (quote ((sn) (givenName) (givenName
 Josh>   sn) (mailNickname) (sAMAccountName))))

I used your settings so I don't know are they valid for my exchange
server. How can I check this?

Are these settings used for inline expansion or to query form?

I see word 'inline' so I suppose that they are invalid?

 Josh> Each is a symbol in the schema which eudc will try to match on with
 Josh> whatever text is before the point (when you issue an
 Josh> eudc-expand-inline).

 Josh> Here are a few:

 Josh> givenName: Josh
 Josh> sn: Huber
 Josh> mailNickname: jhuber
 Josh> sAMAccountName: jhuber

So you see these lines in the second buffers when trying to expand inline?

 >> * eudc-expand-inline doesn't work properly, for example I'm typing "solo"
 >> and then "M-x eudc-expand-inline" - it removes my text (i.e. "solo") and
 >> opens another buffer like this:

 Josh> Are the "possible completions" really empty?  I wonder if this has
 Josh> something to do with the query format as well...


 Josh> What is the value of eudc-inline-query-format, and do the
 Josh> symbols match the schema of your ldap directory entries?

OK, here is my value:

eudc-inline-query-format's value is 
 (givenName sn)

And here is the contents of my .eudc-options file:

(provide 'eudc-options-file)
(setq ldap-host-parameters-alist '((""
                                    base "dc=isd,dc=dp,dc=ua"
                                    binddn "ISD\\solo"
                                    passwd "***"
                                    auth simple))
      ldap-ldapsearch-args '("-x")
      eudc-expansion-overwrites-query t
      eudc-inline-query-format (quote ((sn) (givenName) (givenName sn)
                                       (mailNickname) (sAMAccountName)))
      eudc-strict-return-matches nil
      eudc-inline-expansion-format (quote ("%s <%s>" cn email)))
(eudc-set-server "" 'ldap t)
(setq eudc-server-hotlist 'nil)

Thank you for your help!

Serge Olkhowik <address@hidden>
ISD Configuration Management Team <address@hidden>

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