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Re: change the font-size of the article

From: Alexander Syrov
Subject: Re: change the font-size of the article
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 21:14:02 +0400

Hello, Klaus.

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004 09:44:00 +0200 (CEST)
Klaus Straubinger wrote:

 >> I wonder if I can get the same result without enumerating every
 >> face used in a buffer.

 KS>     (dolist (f (face-list))
 KS>       (if (string-match "\\`gnus-" (symbol-name f))
 KS>           (set-face-attribute f nil :height 130)))

Thanks! I didn't know about face-list function. That seems exactly what I
want. Two regexps will match all the faces I need.

Alexander Syrov.

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