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Doc bug ? (was: Mark all as unread)

From: Raphaël Berbain
Subject: Doc bug ? (was: Mark all as unread)
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 11:33:29 +0200
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Lars Tobias Borsting <address@hidden> writes:

> That's the command I've been searching for all along. After looking for
> it in the FM I still can't find it. Where did you find it?

Afterwards search: From the summary buffer: C-h k M-u tells you the
function is 'gnus-summary-clear-mark-forward'.  Then, from the info
manual, 'i gnus-summary-clear-mark-forward' sends you to the 'Setting
Marks' node.  Alternatively, 'i M-u<space> RET' - but don't forget the
trailing space, or you'll get a bunch of unrelated hits.

However looking at the info manual, there seem to be a problem: the
menu entry that points to this node in the parent node is broken.
Here is what I see for the node '(gnus)Marking Articles':

[Note, info is such a beast that 'what I get ain't what I see' or
vice-versa so this isn't pure copy & paste.  there might be

| Marking Articles
| ================
| There are several marks you can set on an article.
|    You have marks that decide the "readedness" (whoo, neato-keano
| neologism ohoy!) of the article.  Alphabetic marks generally mean
| "read", while non-alphabetic characters generally mean "unread".
|    In addition, you also have marks that do not affect readedness.
| * Menu:
| * Unread Articles Marks for unread articles.
| * Read Articles Marks for read articles.
| * Other Marks Marks that do not affect readedness.
|    There's a plethora of commands for manipulating these marks:
| * Menu::             How to set and remove marks.
| * Generic Marking Commands How to customize the marking.
| * Setting Process Marks How to mark articles for later processing.

So the node you need is the erroneous 'Menu::' (should be called
'Setting Marks'), which sends me at the bottom of the Gnus top node.
It is still accessible through the index, or through 'Other Marks' and
then 'n', though.

The top-level node is weird, too: There are 2 'Marking Articles'
menus.  I don't grok info, but that looks just as if there are 2 @menu
tags in the 'Marking Articles' node when only one is allowed - though
I can't find anything saying 'no more than one @menu per @node'.

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