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changing the from field(newbie question)

From: alex
Subject: changing the from field(newbie question)
Date: 12 Jul 2004 08:01:58 -0700

Hi all,
- I have an ISP. I set the setmail funcions to the proper value. Each
time I send a mail, the sender is my address from that isp. However I
use also 2 other mail address, 1 from my university(pop mail) and 1
from yahoo(also pop mail, I gaved up trying to set webmail.el for
netscape). When I send a new message, how can I choose from which
address this mail is sent from?(I set up bbdb that has my 3 email
address in it, my dream solution would be to have an obscure function
that let me choose which one to use)
- I read 5 news group, emacs related and 2 'private' newsgroup from my
university. I want to have, for mail, all the option given by mozilla:
reply, reply all, forward, etc...Considering the low number of news,
it is ok to read all of them everyday so I don't need marking or
sorting.Is it worth trying to learn gnus(I am on it for 2 weeks now,
and can't do most of the thing I want) or should I just use vm or
mozilla for mail and use google for news?

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