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Re: To IMAP or not to IMAP

From: Marcus Frings
Subject: Re: To IMAP or not to IMAP
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 12:16:41 +0200
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* (Jesse F. Hughes) wrote:

> I did recall one thing I dislike about IMAP: as far as I know,
> reportmail doesn't work with it.  Is this still true?

Don't know. reportmail seems to be XEmacs-only, right?

> I suppose I could go back to tkbiff, which is pretty nice, but I've
> grown partial to reportmail in xemacs.

Well, you could also use wmbiff which is my favourite mail notifier:

,----[ wmbiff ]
| At this moment, wmbiff supports unix-style, maildir, pop3, APOP, IMAP
| and IMAPS mailboxes, as well as Licq and GnomeICU history files.

Besides you can make Gnus automatically check for new mail by adding

  (gnus-demon-add-handler 'gnus-demon-scan-news 5 10)

to your configuration. See (info "(gnus)Daemons") for an explanation.

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