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Yet another maildir question

From: Jesse F. Hughes
Subject: Yet another maildir question
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 09:47:06 +0200
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Hey ho.

I've installed Courier imap server and it's working now, but I wonder
about directory hierarchies.

Evidently ~/Maildir is INBOX, and each subdirectory .dirname
corresponds to a group called INBOX.dirname.  This leads to fairly
unwieldy group names: nnimap+PW:INBOX.blah.  But I guess I can live
with this.  But *must* every group start with INBOX?

But I'd like the folder hierarchy to reflect the logical structure of
the group names -- I think.  At least it seems to make sense to me to
have INBOX.tue.research in INBOX/.tue/.research.  Am I wrong that this
is sensible?  Is a flat directory better?  If not, how do I get gnus
to move things the way I want?

"They are anti-mathematicians, evil incarnate, dedicated to undermining
intellectual development in this area.  If you never thought such
people could actually exist, outside of myths or legends, welcome to
the real world." --James S Harris on evil incarnate's Usenet presence

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