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Re: PGG and Gnus 5.10.6?

From: Ivan Boldyrev
Subject: Re: PGG and Gnus 5.10.6?
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 08:01:57 +0700
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On 8812 day of my life Bill Harris wrote:
> I put (require 'pgg) in my .emacs.  I then tried (setq load-path (nconc
> load-path (list "c:/Program\ Files/Windows\ Privacy\ Tools/GnuPG/")))
> and (setq load-path (nconc load-path (list "c:/Program Files/Windows
> Privacy Tools/GnuPG/"))), but neither were sufficient to help PGG find
> gpg.  
> Suggestions?

load-path is for directories with .el and .elc files.

You must change pgg-gpg-program variable.

Ivan Boldyrev

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