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Re: probs with firefox and gnus

From: johnsu01
Subject: Re: probs with firefox and gnus
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 20:08:12 GMT
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Erwan David <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden (Robert D. Crawford) wrote :
>> I am new to the world of gnus (about 1.5 weeks) and I am having a bit of
>> a problem getting gnus and firefox to work well together.  I found code
>> on the emacs wiki to open an url in a new tab, but it opens in a new
>> window instead.  Here is the pertinent info:
> I use gnus and firefox together with the following settings under Xemacs
> (customize-group browse-url)
> Browser Function: browse-url-mozilla   (browse-url-browser-function 
> 'browse-url-mozilla)
> Mozilla Program: <path-to-firefox>     (browse-url-mozilla-program "firefox")
> New Window Flag: on                    (browse-url-new-window-flag t)
> Mozilla New Window is Tab: on          (browse-url-mozilla-new-window-is-tab 
> t)
> Mozilla Arguments: -a firefox          (browse-url-mozilla-arguments '("-a" 
> "firefox"))
> And it works.

Hm, this doesn't work for me. It tries to start a new instance of
firefox rather than open a tab in an already-running one. Know any way
around that?


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