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Do not forward HTML part of a mail

From: John Robot
Subject: Do not forward HTML part of a mail
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 16:38:00 +0200
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What can I do to make sure Gnus just shows me the plain text
body of the mails I wanna forward, when they have an HTML

Here is my config for forwarding mails (inline):

| ;; when forwarding mail, chop off these headers
| (setq message-forward-ignored-headers
|       (concat "^\\("
|               "Content-Class\\|Importance\\|In-Reply-To\\|Lines\\|"
|               "Message-Id\\|Received\\|References\\|Return-Path\\|"
|               "Return-Receipt-To\\|Sender Thread-Index\\|"
|               "Thread-Topic\\|User-Agent\\|X.*\\|"
|               "\\):"))
| ;; subject of article with 'Fwd:' prepended to it, for forwarded messages
| (setq message-make-forward-subject-function 'message-forward-subject-fwd)
| ;; forwarded messages will just be copied inline to the new message
| (setq message-forward-as-mime nil)

Best regards,

John Robot

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