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nnir + swish-e

From: Pranav K. Tiwari
Subject: nnir + swish-e
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 12:02:44 +0530
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I'm using nnir with swish-e to search archived mails. I get some 2500
mails I need to archive each month, and the mails are archived into
monthly nnml folders.

If I try to build a single swish-e database, the size of the databse
becomes so huge that swish_e struggles to add anything to it. I can hear
the disk churning - and there is constant page faults, so adding any new
month to the database is impractical.

As an alternative, I have monthly swish_e databases, and search using

Is there a better way of doing it? I would like to find out some other
use cases of nnir/swish_e that perform better than what I have - given a
similar volume of mails to search.


Pranav Tiwari.

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