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Couple of newbie nnrss questions (expiry, marks, caching).

From: Bruno Hertz
Subject: Couple of newbie nnrss questions (expiry, marks, caching).
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 19:26:33 +0200
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being very pleased with my initial nnrss experiences, there's a couple
of questions I hope one or the other of you can enlighten me on:

*  apparently, nnrss keeps it's own cache of 'articles' in News/rss .
   Of course I now wonder whether it is subject to the usual expiry
   mechanism. Especially, if articles are not expired, how do you keep
   that cache lean?

*  so, even if expiry works the same like on news or mail groups, do
   marks work the same as well? More specifically, are dormant
   resp. ticked articles not subject to expiry?

Would be great if things really worked that way, i.e. the standard
expiry  mechanism applies but does not delete dormant/ticked articles

Thanks very much, Bruno.

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