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Re: creating new header

From: jimmij
Subject: Re: creating new header
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 17:04:30 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.1007 (Gnus v5.10.7) XEmacs/21.5-b18 (chestnut, linux) (Adam Sjřgren) writes:

> One easy way is to add it via Posting Styles. See the manual:
>  <>
> Spoiler below...
> (Something like:
>   (setq gnus-posting-styles
>         '((".*"
>            (x-jabber ""))))
>  should do the trick - if you haven't got any posting styles already).

Ohhh, sure I have.
I just realized that this way I not only filled but also declare header :)

thanks, and sorry for stupid question.
I come from the Land Of Imagination

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