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imap articles come in wrapped

From: bigfaceworm
Subject: imap articles come in wrapped
Date: 3 Jun 2005 15:43:33 -0700
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I'm trying to track down if this is a Gnus problem, or an imap setting.
Some email I get (plain text, not HTML) has the lines already wrapped.

This is true whether I get the mail directly from the server using an
nnimap group, or when i use 'mail-sources and list 'imap as one of the

In Outlook, the email contains a line where all of this is on one line:

  element /vobs/myvob/src/Module/File.cpp

and in Gnus, the line is always wrapped.  I do not have the auto-wrap
turned on, and the body is wrapped even when I look at the article
using    C-u g   or when I look at the nnml file (using the
mail-sources way to get the article).

Any help in how to track down how this wrapping occurs?



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