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Re: Article counts under nnimap

From: David Z Maze
Subject: Re: Article counts under nnimap
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 16:00:54 -0400
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David Z Maze <> writes:

> I'm using nnimap with total-expiry on Gnus 5.10.6 on GNU Emacs 21.2.1
> (which is different from what I'm posting this from).  Several of my
> groups have wrong article counts, apparently because Gnus believes
> it's read articles that no longer exist.

The one weirdness I found was that some headers corresponding to
expired articles were living in
~/News/agent/nnimap/my.server/group/name/.overview and .agentview.
Those roughly corresponded to the lower bound on what Gnus was
counting as extant articles.  I ran gnus-agent-expire and it (looks
like it) got better.

Is this going to be an ongoing problem?  Why were there exactly two
articles in agent-space?  Why do I want the agent turned on in this
case?  The manual suggests that there's some interesting overlap
between nnimap and the agent -- there's that mysterious last paragraph
of info://gnus/Agent+as+Cache, for example -- but if I'm never
offline, and the only thing I read is nnimap (well, with a little
nnrss on the side) is it that useful?


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