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Re: Any chance of getting gnus to handle mime attachments?

From: Karl Kleinpaste
Subject: Re: Any chance of getting gnus to handle mime attachments?
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 10:40:26 -0400
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Ed Hartnett <> writes:
> How do I get gnus to handle mime attachments?
> For example, I get email like the following. What do I do with it?

For starters, you'll have to put some context around the concept
"can't handle."  This is akin to one of my computer-illiterate friends
saying, "My computer isn't working," to which my first sarcastic
response is, "Plug it in and turn it on."  That is, if you won't tell
us which of the 31,264,388 things that might possibly go wrong with a
computer is currently troubling you, we can't possibly help you, so
we'll start you at the bottom level and work up.

When Gnus gained native MIME comprehension some years ago, Lars was so
careful about it that he, and the Gnus development mailing list folks,
managed to find a half dozen or more bugs in other mail clients
because those clients didn't follow the spec properly.

Gnus does MIME.  In fact, Gnus does MIME just about as well as any
other mail/news program out there.  Tell us _specifically_ what Gnus
is doing wrong, and we'll see if it's a bona fide bug, or a
configuration problem on your part, or confusion over what's
happening, or something else entirely.

Bugs are found all the time.  Maybe you've tripped over a new one.
That said, Gnus' MIME handling is pretty much second to none.


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