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From: Sébastien Kirche
Subject: Re: BBDB and EUDC/LDAP
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 01:42:36 +0200
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At 16:03 on mar 29 2005, David S. Goldberg said :

[about searching recipient with eudc into both a ldap server *and* bbdb]

> eudc knows about bbdb as well and it to looks in both places, I'm
> pretty sure, by default.  The only thing you lose with
> eudc-expand-inline is completion cycling.  For when I need that
> (rarely for me, may be important for you) I have mapped C-c TAB to
> bbdb-complete-name.

Some  weeks ago  i  completed my  configuration  to look  into the  ldap
directory of my company and my bbdb.

I forget to  post the result. FWIW  i publish it, maybe one  can find it
useful ?

Just to give some details :

- i use  gnus/bbdb both at home and  at work, but i  have ldap directory
  only at work  (server named work-server) and I  have only one .emacs
  and one .gnus. So I enable ldap settings after testing the system-name

-  my  system  at  work  is  a  Macintosh with  OSX  so  I  also  enable
  Address Book searching

- 'SAGE' is a given organisational unit that is set in the ldap tree

(setq message-expand-name-databases '(eudc)) ; was bbdb

;; réglages Emacs Unified Directory Client
(require 'eudc nil t)
(require 'eudcb-bbdb nil t)
(require 'eudcb-mab nil t)      ;; support Macintosh Address Book - needs 

(eudc-set-server "localhost" 'bbdb t);;main server
(setq eudc-inline-expansion-servers 'hotlist);;search in hotlist order
(add-to-list 'eudc-server-hotlist '("localhost" . bbdb) t)
(eudc-protocol-set 'eudc-inline-query-format
                                         (firstname lastname)
(eudc-protocol-set 'eudc-inline-expansion-format
                                   '("%s %s <%s>" firstname lastname net)
(when (string-match "\\`goudurix" system-name)
  (add-to-list 'eudc-server-hotlist '("localhost" . mab) t)
  (add-to-list 'eudc-server-hotlist '("work-server" . ldap) t)
  (setq ldap-host-parameters-alist '(("work-server" base "o=SAGE" auth nil 
scope subtree))
                eudc-query-form-attributes '(uid name firstname email))
  (eudc-protocol-set 'eudc-inline-query-format
  (eudc-protocol-set 'eudc-inline-expansion-format
                                         '("%s <%s>" name email)
  (eudc-protocol-set 'eudc-inline-query-format
                                           ;(cn cn)
                                           ;(cn cn cn)
                                           ;(givenname surname)
  (eudc-protocol-set 'eudc-inline-expansion-format
                                         '("%s <%s>"  cn mail)

Sébastien Kirche

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