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Re: header error

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Re: header error
Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2005 00:23:24 +0200
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On Fri, 08 Jul 2005 15:34:40 GMT, Haines wrote:

>> An easy way to control the email-address is by setting
>> user-mail-address:
>> (setq user-mail-address "")

> I tried a number of such expedients. This one:

>   (setq user-mail-address "")

> Seems to kill the From line altogether. I have to type the entire line
> by hand when I use this line in ~/.gnus.

That is odd. If I set user-mail-adress - as you did above - and press
'm', I get a buffer that starts with:

| To: 
| Subject: 
| From: (Adam Sjøgren)
| Gcc: nnml+archive:mail-2005
| Organization: koldfront - analysis & revolution, Copenhagen, Denmark
| --text follows this line--

>> ,----[ C-h v user-mail-address RET ]
>> | `user-mail-address' is a variable declared in Lisp.
>> |   -- loaded from "sendmail"
>> | 
>> | Value: ""

> This was not much help:

>   user-mail-address's value is 
>   ""

Uhm, you cut the documentation that might be of help - the lines
describing from what variables user-mail-adress is generated (if you
do not set it yourself later).

  Best regards,

 "Q: Who tells you what to do?                                Adam Sjøgren
  A: The Bell Telephone Company. The telephone rings
     and I do what I'm told to do."

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