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Using a script to diplay web links

From: David Sumbler
Subject: Using a script to diplay web links
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005 10:37:05 +0100
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I use Gnus on a virtual console under Linux.  I have
(setq mm-text-html-renderer 'w3m) in my .gnus file.  The display of
HTML emails is fine.  The problem I have is with links contained in
some emails.

I have a bash script which takes a URL as a parameter and displays the
relevant page in a new tab in Firefox.  I want this to be used if I
decide to follow a link in an email.

I have looked at various sections of the Gnus Manual, but can't seem
to find how to do this, although I'm sure it is probably a simple
addition to the .gnus file.

I'd be grateful if someone can tell me how to do this, or how to find



David Sumbler

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