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Re: X-From-Line

From: Flatman
Subject: Re: X-From-Line
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:09:38 +0200
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* Karl Kleinpaste <> wrote:
| X-From-Line is an artifact of mail being _received_, not sent.  It is
| Gnus' way of changing the UNIX (sendmail, procmail) "From a@b.c <date>"
| header (which lacks a colon, notably) into an RFC-looking format.
| There is no X-From-Line in _sent_ mail.

Are you sure of this ?

I wanted to subscribe to a mailing list and saw that gnus did add
something to the header that made the mailing list reply to my main
That's why I checked the mail-header by sending mail to myself and saw
the X-From-Line added . Now that I added 2 config vars (see other post)
, the X-From-Line is still added , but the content is taken from the
From-field which is now a correct behaviour.
I modified nothing else than these 2 vars , and now things work nice ...


* Life is wonderful with Emacs and Perl *

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