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Re: help needed deleting certain files

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Re: help needed deleting certain files
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 18:11:16 +0200
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On 16 Oct 2005 11:55:10 -0400, Kirk wrote:

> (Adam Sjøgren) writes:
>> Does marking the messages with #, then deleting them with B Del work?

> Nope.  When I hit a # it shows up next to the message.  Then when I
> hit B del the B shows up with delete-char after it

That sounds odd (like you've got some problem with the delete key),
when I hit B Del Gnus asks me, for instance, "Do you really want to
delete these 2 articles forever?"

What happens if you do B Backspace or M-x gnus-summary-delete-article ?

  Best regards,

 "Du danser godt, men ude af takt"                            Adam Sjøgren

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