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nnml article filenames

From: Pranav K. Tiwari
Subject: nnml article filenames
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 17:35:38 +0530
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To allow desktop search programs go through nnml articles, I would like
to give an extension like .xyz, and tell these programs to treat these
files like email.

For doing that, I am trying to see if nnml can store articles as, etc. rather than  1, 2, ..

I have been able get it to read these articles appropriately, by
modifying 'nnml-article-to-file (article)', such that it looks for a
file for the article 1. But, while saving messages into the group,
this function is not called.

How can I change the names of files in which the articles are stored?

Pranav Tiwari.

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