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Re: nnml article filenames

From: Pranav K. Tiwari
Subject: Re: nnml article filenames
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 14:43:53 +0530
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Steve Youngs <> writes:

> * Pranav K Tiwari <> writes:
>   > Steve Youngs <> writes:
>   >> * Pranav K Tiwari <> writes:
>   >> 
>   >> > To allow desktop search programs go through nnml articles, I would
>   >> > like to give an extension like .xyz, and tell these programs to
>   >> > treat these files like email.
>   >> 
>   >> I think this is the wrong approach.  Instead of modifying the
>   >> filenames to suit the search program, find a way to make the search
>   >> program work properly.
>   >> 
>   >> It's really not that difficult, see...
>   >> 
>   >> $ find <nnmldir> -type f -regex '^.*[0-9]+$'
>   >> 
>   > The question is not about 'finding' these files, but about
>   > associating a 'type' with the file.
> But if you can find them, there's really no point in associating a
> "type" to them.
>   $ find <nnmldir> -type f -regex '^.*[0-9]+$' | \
>      xargs some_app_needing_mail_files_as_input
>   > Most indexing programs (google/yahoo/microsoft desktop search
>   > engines, X1) rely on file extensions to determine the filetype,
>   > and then index the contens of the file accordingly. It'll be good
>   > if they could deal with files with no extensions, but they don't
>   > (afaik).
> Yes they do.  For example:
>   <>
>   > So - with that in mind, the easiest way would be to change the way gnus
>   > nnml stores files, or write another backend that allows changing
>   > filenames.
> Maybe you should say what it is exactly that you want to do with your
> nnml files.

swish is fine - that's what I've used till now. I've been unable to use
it to index all of my email periodically. I would like to say, here's
the top directory under which all my nnml mail is, and this should be
indexed periodically. But swish runs out of memory (even with -e option,
on my 512Meg Win2k machine) in trying to index my mails (some, 35-40
nnml folders, each with 2000-5000 emails). So, the way I use swish is to
have one index file per nnml folder, and I have modified the swish
search function to search a list of index files.

It works, but as you can see, it's not optimal. Maybe, my usage of swish
is not correct - and if so, I'll be glad to be corrected.

desktop search programs that I mentioned, all support a 'crawl' type of
indexing where they can keep track of what has changed, and update their
indices appropriately. And I have never had any trouble with memory with
them. That's why I'll like to use any of those to index my mail, instead
of swish that I'm using at present.


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