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No Gnus 0.3 slower than Oort Gnus 0.24 spam handling

From: Alberto L
Subject: No Gnus 0.3 slower than Oort Gnus 0.24 spam handling
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 11:33:09 -0800

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from Oort 0.24 to No 0.30 and my spam handling has
become quite slow.  Here is my situation:

- I use nnfolder mail storage
my spam handling configuration (using bogofilter):
- splits spam into mail.spam.temp
- on exiting, spam in all groups is moved to
- mail.spam.temp and are spam groups
- the spam process destination for is nil

When I enter mail.spam.temp to check for false spam positives, on
quitting it all spam-marked messages are moved to
This is quite slower with No 0.30 w.r.t. Oort 0.24 because,
apparently, both mail.spam.temp and are written to
disk each time a single message is moved.  With Oort 0.24 as far as I
can understand both groups are written to disk only once.

I include some bits of my spam configuration:

   spam-split-group "mail.spam.temp"
   '("mail.spam.temp" "")

      ((spam spam-use-bogofilter)))
      ;; ((spam spam-use-blacklist))
      ;; ((ham spam-use-whitelist))
      ((ham spam-use-bogofilter))
      ((spam spam-use-bogofilter)))
      ((ham spam-use-bogofilter)))

     ("^mail\\.spam\\.save$" nil)
     ("^mail\\..*$" "")

     ("^mail\\.spam\\..*$" "mail.incoming.nospam")


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