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Re: W3 obsolete

From: Karl Kleinpaste
Subject: Re: W3 obsolete
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 06:33:50 -0500
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"Mr. Big" <> writes:
> requires the w3 package which I don't have installed. Searching for it
> gives me the information that it is dead (and long live w3?).

I don't know what told you that it's dead, but the situation from my
vantage point (as an XEmacs user) seems to be:

[a] w3 is in the standard package set of recent XEmacs, and
[b] I also have w3m, which may have in fact supplanted w3.

However, I don't use nnweb, so I can't speak to how much it requires
w3 specifically -vs- whether w3m substitutes.

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