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Re: Spam quation : procmail v spam.el using spamassassin.

From: Leandro su janni
Subject: Re: Spam quation : procmail v spam.el using spamassassin.
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2006 12:17:02 GMT
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Hadron Quark <> writes:


> I am unable to alter any settings. Hitting "done" does nothing. Pressing
> "q" does nothing. I get a page of settings when I hit G c alright but
> they seem uneditable and G p does nothing too.
> As an example, I am on a group in summary and hit G c. Up comes the
> Group Pamaters for that group. First one is "Address" which has a check
> box thingy (just a bullet point I think) on the left, but set or unset I
> am unable to type into the Address edit field and emacs report that the
> "widget here is not active".
> from messages : "widget-overlay-inactive: The widget here is not active"


This is an "old" bug I found: I did not find any solution. Only changing
emacs version brings away this bug.

You can find something in the archive of this group.

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