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Re: Changing signing key

From: leandro noferini
Subject: Re: Changing signing key
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2006 22:16:58 GMT
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issdr <> writes:

>> I  would like  to  change  the gpg  key  to sign  for  some groups  like
>> something the posting styles: is it possibile some way?
> here's what i'd do: get into topic mode (hit `t' on the group buffer),
> then `G p' on the `Gnus' main topic and write
>      ((pgg-default-user-id "my-default"))
> use `C-c' to save.
> put a
>     ((pgg-default-user-id "special"))
> line into "special" groups' properties (if you have many "special" groups,
> you should create a topic to gather them)
> finally, i'd write
>     ((add-to-list 'gnus-newsgroup-variables 'pgg-default-user-id))

It seems to work good!

Only one little thing: the line above is only with one parenthesis

(add-to-list 'gnus-newsgroup-variables 'pgg-default-user-id)

> in my `.gnus.el' file. (see (info "(gnus)group parameters") to understand
> why)

I could not understand.


But if it works.....


Un esteso e "normale" uso della crittografia è il sistema più forte
per rivendicare il diritto alla privacy nelle comunicazioni
telematiche: come tutti i diritti e come i muscoli se non viene
esercitato costantemente si atrofizza e va perso.

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