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Re: For the complete novice. Backend. Mail in gnus.

From: Don Saklad
Subject: Re: For the complete novice. Backend. Mail in gnus.
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2006 08:38:54 GMT
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          Thank you!

          For complete novices, how would determining the best
          choice for the backend actually be done?...

          The initial steps need a better description, easier for
          novice users than what current resources provide.

          As well intentioned are the energies that went into current
          resources, they assume users to be more patient can be
          reasonably expected, more knowledgeable than novice.

    For the complete novice setting up mail in gnus, in that
    context what is the robust definition or definitions of this
    A definition or definitions that makes the term backend
    completely clear for any novice.

Possibly it could be this easy:

"A mail backend system fetches and formats email for later
 manipulation and display by a compatible front end. GNUS
 provides one such frontend User Interface".

Here are listed different backends and the storage format which a
front end must be compatible with in order to use that data

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