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Server change broke newsrc.eld

From: Roger Leigh
Subject: Server change broke newsrc.eld
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 11:29:34 +0100
User-agent: slrn/ (Debian)

Hi folks,

(I'm posting this from slrn, having totally broken my gnus setup.)

I run a local leafnode news server, and a few weeks ago I needed to do
some work on it to fix some brokenness in the spool.  I ended up needing
to re-create the spool from scratch, and this meant that the article
numbers changed dramatically.  The server is working perfectly--I'm
using it with slrn right now.

This caused gnus to behave quite oddly.  It now won't view any news, due
to the article numbers being way lower than what is thinks is the
current number.

I have tried removing the offending groups by hand from both ~/.newsrc
and ~/.newsrc.eld.  However, on restarting gnus, it still appears to
retain the history for the group (read and marked articles, for
example).  Does gnus keep additional history elsewhere?
I also removed the groups from gnus, verified they were no longer
present in .newsrc and .newsrc.eld, and then re-added them (after
restarting gnus), but again the history is still shown in the summary

Could anyone possibly suggest how to make gnus "forget" all about the
groups so that I can start from scratch.  I also read all my mail with
gnus, so I really don't want to blow away the whole history--just the
news history.

Many thanks,

  .''`.  Roger Leigh
 : :' :  Debian GNU/Linux   
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