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Re: Server change broke newsrc.eld

From: Lowell Gilbert
Subject: Re: Server change broke newsrc.eld
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 07:39:06 -0400
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Roger Leigh <> writes:

> (I'm posting this from slrn, having totally broken my gnus setup.)
> I run a local leafnode news server, and a few weeks ago I needed to do
> some work on it to fix some brokenness in the spool.  I ended up needing
> to re-create the spool from scratch, and this meant that the article
> numbers changed dramatically.  The server is working perfectly--I'm
> using it with slrn right now.
> This caused gnus to behave quite oddly.  It now won't view any news, due
> to the article numbers being way lower than what is thinks is the
> current number.
> I have tried removing the offending groups by hand from both ~/.newsrc
> and ~/.newsrc.eld.  However, on restarting gnus, it still appears to
> retain the history for the group (read and marked articles, for
> example).  Does gnus keep additional history elsewhere?
> I also removed the groups from gnus, verified they were no longer
> present in .newsrc and .newsrc.eld, and then re-added them (after
> restarting gnus), but again the history is still shown in the summary
> buffer.
> Could anyone possibly suggest how to make gnus "forget" all about the
> groups so that I can start from scratch.  I also read all my mail with
> gnus, so I really don't want to blow away the whole history--just the
> news history.

The "changing servers" node in the Gnus manual is probably what you need.

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