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Re: HTML rendering in gnus

From: Hadron Quark
Subject: Re: HTML rendering in gnus
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 16:21:56 +0200
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Hadron Quark <> writes:

> Hadron Quark <> writes:
>> Somthing is installed which gives a text rendering of html emails : but
>> links do not work. In normal emails any http link can be opened in a
>> seperate browser by tabbing to it and hitting enter (browse-url) which
>> in turns opens a firefox tab.
>> How do I find out (a) whats rendering my html emails and (b) get it to
>> open links in either a new buffer or an external browser.
>> -- 
> Its ok, I did this in .gnus.el and it seems to work fine
> (define-key gnus-article-mode-map (kbd "<f1>") 
> 'w3m-view-url-with-external-browser)
> Any comments on whether this is better achived appreciated.

Ok, this works - but what w3m function to open this link in the emacs
buffer? Cant seem to get any of the mentioned ones to
work. Interestingly the link isnt shown in the w3m buffer as underlined
: but w3m-view-url-with-external-browser does indeed "pick up" the html
link and opens it successfully in another browser. What do I need for
w3m to do this in the article buffer?


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