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Re: can gnus support fake mail address?

From: David Hansen
Subject: Re: can gnus support fake mail address?
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 11:41:19 +0200
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On 1 Sep 2006 01:19:22 -0700 wrote:

> David Hansen 写道:
>> Use a SPAM filter like everyone else is doing.  Otherwise
>> ppl can't reply to your postings via Mail.
> where can i get a good spam filter for gnus?

I don't use gnus Spam filtering.  I must admit that I just
don't understand it.

On my setup I use Spamassasin and procmail to sort out
probable Spam to a different mbox and send the worst crap
directly to /dev/null.

I don't know about the stable gnus release but the version
from CVS claims to support external spam filters (at least
Spamassasin and bogofilter) and comes with a built in spam
filter as well.  But it's terrible complicated (or I'm just
to stupid to understand it).


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