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Re: defining a M-x function

From: Marco Wahl
Subject: Re: defining a M-x function
Date: 5 Sep 2006 00:05:24 -0700
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Johannes Quint schrieb:

> how can i define a function which i can call via M-x?
> thanks for help, jq

This is merely a question for, isn't it?
Anyway, here is an example:

Write the function e.g. in the *scratch* buffer, e.g.

(defun jq-callable-via-M-x ()
  (print "This is function jq-callable-via-M-x! Yeah!"))

Mark the whole function and do 'M-x eval-region'.  This adds the
function to the, err, system.

Then you can use 'M-x jq-callable-via-M-x'.
The key for M-x callability is the line '(interactive)'.


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