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Re: newbie question

From: Karl Kleinpaste
Subject: Re: newbie question
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 20:15:15 -0400
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Jens Theisen <> writes:
> is it possible to increase score (or otherwise hightlight messages)
> that are replies to own postings?

Notice the Message-Id of your own postings.  They have a pattern which
makes them fairly unique to yourself: The first few characters after
`<' are always the same.  (They are a hash of your username.)

Anyone who follows up to you will produce messages containing a
References header containing that pattern string.  Using that pattern,
score up on References headers with that pattern:
      I r s p [pattern]
(meaning I-ncrease on r-eferences matching s-ubstring p-ermanently).

If you do so right now, this article of mine should highlight as
scored up.

> Is it possible to hightlight groups in the group buffer that contain such?

No.  The reason is due to how much Gnus knows at what times.

By the time *Group* is displayed, all that Gnus has learned is that
there are certain groups with known (but approximate) counts of new
messages available to be read.  Gnus has not yet entered any of those
groups, so as to determine what is in them.

Short of a major rewrite of how Gnus initializes itself and prepares
*Group*, there is no way to pre-mark groups which contain followups to

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