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Re: Gather Responses

From: Mark T.B. Carroll
Subject: Re: Gather Responses
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 10:36:55 -0400
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Randy Yates <> writes:

> (Mark T.B. Carroll) writes:
>> I set gnus-message-archive-group and look for the messages in there
>> instead. Given the article ID it's easy to go to the relevant group and
>> jump to it. 
> How do you do that?

Well, once I've looked in the gnus-message-archive-group (mine is
"nnml:mail.outgoing") and found the article, I can see what newsgroup it
was in and what its article number or message ID was, and then from the
summary buffer 'j' will take me to the group and from the group buffer
'j' again will let me type an article number or message ID (which I've
probably stored in my paste buffer).

If you don't use lots of NNTP servers spread among secondary select
methods, you can probably just use 'j' from the archive group and type
the message ID there to get the article from the correct group, instead
of navigating to the correct group yourself.

-- Mark

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