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How to recreate groups for nnml mail directory?

From: Rud1ger Sch1erz
Subject: How to recreate groups for nnml mail directory?
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 12:21:52 +0200
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I used gnus for a couple of years now and I'm very
satisfied. Actually I'm on a MSW XP prof station with GNU Emacs 21.3.1
and Gnus v5.10.6.

I use mailsplit to distribute incoming emails to nnml frontend
folders, as I like the one file for one email solution. So eg. I have
the nnml:mail.test group, which correspondents with the directory
~/Mail/mail/test, where gnus stores the email files.

Now I've just moved to a new machine and completely messed up my
.newsrc and newsrc.eld files. But, no problem, I'm starting from
scratch again and my emails are still there in the mail directory.

I can recreate the email group with the G m command in the group
buffer and everthing is fine. But over time I created more than 250
email directories. So, typing in all group names for all email dirs
would be quite some work. 

I wonder, if anybody out there knows an easier way to recreate the
email groups in the group buffer from the directory listing.

If not, I think about to use this approach:
- get a directory listing in a buffer (shell-command ls)
- use the dirnames to write a lisp routine like
  (gnus-group-make-group "mail.test" "nnml:")

Before I do that, I wonder if you could tell me a more direct and
gnus-like way to get back my email groups.

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