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Re: Help with this article with all the \XXX

From: William F Hammond
Subject: Re: Help with this article with all the \XXX
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 12:26:38 -0400
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Pascal Bourguignon <> writes:

> Passer By <sender@sender.send> writes:
> ...
>> Does everyone see how there are all these \222 \223 \224 etc
>> how do i get them to look like the normal ',", etc. chars
> ...
> The problem comes from the sender who indicates the wrong encoding for
> their characters.  Notably, from MS-Windows programs who announce
> ISO-8859-1 encoding when they include WINDOWS-1252 characters.

There are times when I'm helped by washing.  In a group Summary
buffer see the menu "Article->Washing".  For example, W Y f

                                    -- Bill

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