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Re: Gnus/Mailcrypt and MIME charset

From: Alexey Pustyntsev
Subject: Re: Gnus/Mailcrypt and MIME charset
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 10:17:16 +1000
User-agent: Gnus/5.1008 (Gnus v5.10.8) Emacs/22.0.50

Markus Hilper writes:

> using Gnus (gnus-verison "No Gnus v0.6") and Mailcrypt, I always end up
> with a header stating "charset=us-ascii" for encrypted messages. I
> presume, the message is first encrypted and then MIME encoded. This
> causes confusion with some mailreaders of my messages' recipients when
> using non-ASCII-characters.
> Is it possible to have the message MIME encoded before encryption? When
> using vm, I do something in the line of
> (add-hook 'mc-pre-encryption-hook '(lambda ()
>           (if (not (vm-mail-mode-get-header-contents "MIME-Version:"))
>           (vm-mime-encode-composition))))
> What would be the canonical way for Gnus? Maybe I did not search very
> intelligently, but I did not find an answer. Maybe I was putting the
> wrong question?
> Thanks for hints!
> Markus

Gnus seems to always convert the charset header of my encrypted
messages to us-ascii, but my recipients that use non-ascii characters
have confirmed that the messages are Ok after decryption.

May be it's worth trying pgg + gpg ?
 * Info PGG *
 | File: pgg,  Node: Overview 
 | PGG is an interface library between Emacs and various tools for secure
 | communication.  Even though Mailcrypt has similar feature, it does not
 | deal with detached PGP messages, normally used in PGP/MIME
 | infrastructure.


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