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Re: Gnus/Mailcrypt and MIME charset

From: Markus Hilpert
Subject: Re: Gnus/Mailcrypt and MIME charset
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 12:14:47 +0100
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Ivan Boldyrev <> writes:

> On 9737 day of my life Markus Hilpert wrote:
>> What would be the canonical way for Gnus?
> Forget about Mailcrypt, use encryption built into Gnus.  And if you
> encrypt non-ACSII text, use PGP/MIME (this is a name of standard that
> Gnus support) instead plain PGP data.  Depending on recepient's
> software, he may need to install some extantion (Enigmail for
> Thunderbird, for example) for more convenient handling of PGP/MIME.
> See (info "(message)Security").
> -- 
> Ivan Boldyrev


actually, I had tried the mml-functions in order to generate PGP/MIME
conforming messages, but the resulting MIME format was unusable for a
recipient using pine.


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