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Re: Weird number of messages on server

From: Mark T.B. Carroll
Subject: Re: Weird number of messages on server
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 15:23:02 -0500
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Ted Zlatanov <> writes:

> On Sun, 04 Feb 2007 13:28:46 -0500 (Mark T.B. Carroll) wrote: 
> MTBC> I sometimes see something similar - see my report at
> MTBC> I find that removing all mention of the afflicted groups from Gnus'
> MTBC> files, then resubscribing, etc. fixes the problem when it happens.
> I hope that works.  I've never seen this bug.  If you can replicate it
> reliably, turn on the NNTP log, and try to submit a bug  You may need
> to send us your newsrc.eld and other bits.

Cool. FWIW there's an NNTP log snip in that bug (it doesn't seem to
include the server's actual responses, just what was sent) and my
.gnus.el was as in

It's not happening at the moment, but if it happens again I'll gather a
copy of the newsrc.eld and let you guys know.

The only really irritating bug right now is
(I have seven open bugs filed with Debian)

-- Mark

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