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Re: Process mark use cases

From: Daniel Brockman
Subject: Re: Process mark use cases
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 07:43:31 +0100
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CHENG Gao <> writes:

> I like to put NGs under topics. For example, I may open gmane and
> subscribe to many groups at one time, and I mark all Emacs related
> groups (like Bongo ;-p),

Hey! :-)

> and T m emacs RET

I see.

> For emails, I dont do split while receiving them. I keep them in inbox
> thus I wont forget to reply them when I have time. And after some time,
> when things settled, I move them to specific groups for archiving. I use
> structure like:
> biz.some-company
> prv.some-person
> So I frequently do mark, B m

Okay.  Yes, moving seems like a popular use case.

> Mostly for these two purposes.


Daniel Brockman <>

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