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Help with multipart/mixed messages

From: blokely
Subject: Help with multipart/mixed messages
Date: 12 Feb 2007 13:05:05 -0800
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This is for:

    "21.4 (patch 19) \"Constant Variable\" XEmacs Lucid"
    "Gnus v5.10.7"

I'm trying to browse old nnfolder mailboxes using
`gnus-group-make-doc-group'.  When I open some of the groups, I see
something like:

 . [ 205: Arnaud ] Wed, Aug  2 2000 <* mixed> gnats enhancements
 . [ 174: Arnaud ] Wed, Aug  2 2000 <1 text>
 . [  15: Arnaud ] Wed, Aug  2 2000 <2 x-vcard> "arnaud.vcf"

The three "virtual" messages are from the same "physical" message;
also, I don't see the remaining messages in the group.  (In contrast,
if I "mail -f" the file I made the doc group from, I see 1500+

My guess would be that an ill-formed multipart/mixed message is
confusing Gnus; is there a way to force Gnus to display the "raw"

 . [ 394: Arnaud ] Wed, Aug  2 2000 gnats enhancements *PLEASE READ*
 . [ 714: Bill   ] Wed, Aug  3 2000 Re: gnats enhancements *PLEASE

Thank you for your help.


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