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Re: 2 questions about EXPIRE setting in gnus

From: David Z Maze
Subject: Re: 2 questions about EXPIRE setting in gnus
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 10:56:43 -0500
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winsphinX <xxx@yyy.zzz> writes:

> i set 'total expired' in gnus mail, and the mails are
> disappeared after 7 days, I saw only about ten mails in
> group buffer, obviously many mails were expiresd,but in
> mini-buffer, it was still shown 'default 400', why? and the
> disappeared mails are deleted or are only invisible?

You're seeing two different effects.  First, Gnus by default will only
show unread articles in a group (pressing C-u RET from the group
buffer, or normal RET on a group with no unread or ticked articles,
will show them all).  Total expiry will delete (as in, removed from
the disk, gone forever) read mails that meet its criteria.

Your other options are auto-expiry (reading an article marks it
expirable rather than read, but no non-expirable article is ever
expired) and manual expiry ('E' on an article marks it expirable and
it will eventually get deleted).

> and the second question is, when i set the same setting in
> gnus newsgroup, is doesn't work. i need such a result -- the
> news before 7 days will be automatic deleted to free my disk
> space.

The newsgroup articles live on the news server, not on your local
machine.  So you can't usefully set any expiry option there (you can't
cause the server to delete its articles) but the newsgroup also
shouldn't be taking up any space locally.


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